Terms of reservation



Guest fully accepts Reservation Terms and Conditions, which they have previously carefully studied. Upon a reservation confirmation, the guest pays 20% of the costs of the booking arrangement. Payment options is: bank transfer.


The price list for accommodation and services is published on the website. Optional services that are listed but not selected at the time of booking will not be included in price payable and if later required, guest will have to pay for these separately.


Travel document, that is, confirmation of the total payment with check-in details, will be sent by e-mail and in case of private accommodation will be used as a voucher.


The accommodation facilities offered are described according to the official categorization of the respective country.


Accommodation check in to villa is usually not possible before 3:00 p.m. on the service start date, and check out is usually by 10:00 a.m. on the service end date. Arrivals after 7:00 p.m. must be announced in advance.

Pets are not allowed in accommodation object.


If the guest cancel a paid reservation arrangement, Villa Valerio/Villa Zare shall keep the following amounts from the deposit package price and no-show. Villa Valerio/Villa Zare shall charge only actual substitution expenses if the guest cancel the travel contract and finds another client for the same reservation.

CANCELLATION by Villa Valerio/Villa Zare

In case Villa Valerio/Villa Zare must cancel a previously booked facility due to occurrence of extraordinary or unforeseen circumstances, we are obliged to refund the money paid for the reservation.

Guests are required to have valid passports. In case of trip cancellation due to invalid traveller documents, which would cause additional damage to Villa Valerio/Villa Zare, the guest is obliged to compensate the incurred damage. If travel documents are lost or stolen during the trip, guests bear the costs of issuing new documents. Villa Valerio/Villa Zare is not liable for the decisions of customs and police or other government bodies, which deny guest the entry to certain countries.


It is in the guest’s interest to try to resolve their complaint immediately at the destination.

OBLIGATIONS OF Villa Valerio/Villa Zare

Villa Valerio/Villa Zare is obliged to take care of the services provided, as well as the choice of service providers, with diligence of an orderly and conscientious businessman and to take care about the rights and interests of guests in accordance with good practices in tourism.


The guest is obliged to meet the requirements anticipated by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the country through which they travel and to observe the house rules at the hotel facilities and apartments. The guest is personally responsible for the damage they caused and shall cover the damage to the owner of the villa.
Property damage Deposit: A refundable security deposit of € 500.00 is required.


The guest provides personal information (name, email, address) voluntarily. Personal information is required for the process of realization of services and is used for further communication with regards to requested service. Personal information will be kept in the database.